Monthly Specials and Events

JANUARY: Pet Wellness month, get your pet off to a healthy start by having them examined both inside and out. SPOT club pets get an annual workup including vaccines, fecals and HWT and their owners get 10% off services for the year and a goody bag to enjoy with their pet.

– 10% off all bloodwork done with an exam appointment.
– 5% off exam price if doctor gives the patient a clean bill of health!
– 10% off H3N8 (Canine Influenza Vaccine)

FEBRUARY: National Pet Dental month, our staff would love to help keep your pets smiling for the camera.

– 10% off dental cleanings, dental food, dental products.
– Free Dental kit with focused dental exams.

MARCH: Heartworm, Flea and Tick prevention month! The importance of heartworm testing and prevention is undeniable. The American Heartworm Society recommends year-round heartworm prevention for cats and dogs. Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are pests. There’s no doubt about that. But even more than being a nuisance of itchy red bites, they carry real health risks. It is far easier to prevent conditions than to treat them. That is, if you can treat them.

– 10% off your exam with any purchase of heartworm, flea & tick preventative from our clinic. (Written scripts do not qualify)
– Take $5 off any heartworm test this month.
– 10% off Lyme vaccine

APRIL: Fecal & Urinalysis month. Fecals allow veterinarians to check your pet for intestinal worms that can be harmful to them and some also for us. Urinalysis is a test that can detect and assess a wide range of disorders such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease, and diabetes. It is important to perform these screening tests as prevention and is always easier than treating after the fact.

– 10% off fecal flotation
– 10% off in house urinalysis ( does not include collection charges )

MAY: Spay & Neuter Month. Spayed & neutered pets live a longer & healthier life, reducing their chances of getting certain cancers & it helps fight pet overpopulation.

– 10% off all spays & neuters in the month of May!
– 10% off ultrasounds and x-rays for pregnancy

JUNE: Pedicure and Anal Glands month. Get your pets looking and feeling their best for summer!

– 10% off pedicures
– 10% off Anal Gland Expressions

JULY: Microchipping month! Losing your pet can be a traumatic and even tragic event. Conscientious pet owners protect their pets with collars and ID tags. Unfortunately collars can break or fall-off, leaving your beloved pet among the countless, unidentified lost strays at animal shelters. Be part of the 52% of owners reunited with their pets because of microchipping.

– 10% off microchipping
– 10% off home sedation drugs from our hospital stock
– Free leash with every microchipping

AUGUST: Lumps and Bumps cancer prevention month. Pets today have a better chance of being successfully treated for neoplasia and cancer than they did before, thanks to advances in early recognition, diagnosis and treatment. Any lump on a pet that is rapidly growing or changing in texture or shape should have a biopsy. Lumps belong in biopsy jars, not on pets.

– 10% Fine needle aspirations
– 10% Cytology
– 10% off ultrasound and x-rays for lumps

SEPTEMBER: Pet Dental month, our staff would love to help keep your pets smiling for the camera.

– 10% off dental cleanings, dental food, dental products.
– Free dental kit with focused dental exams.

OCTOBER: Behavior and training month. Behavior can tell owners so much about what’s going on with our pets. Whether it be just some simple training techniques that are needed or a more serious illness or medical issue, let us help your pet perform at their very best.

– Free goodie bag with exam for behavior. Includes flyers and business cards for training and behavior tips and treats.
– 10% off clinic treats

NOVEMBER: Senior Pet Month. As your pets get older, it is important that they receive yearly blood work to test for any abnormalities and give us a baseline we need to care for your pet.

– 10% off all senior blood profiles for pets over the age of 7 years.
– 10% off senior dentals

DECEMBER: Pet Nutrition Month. Obese pets have a shorter life expectancy than pets with normal body weights and have a potential risk for joint diseases, cardiac and respiratory diseases and diabetes. Even if your pet is not currently overweight, it is important to take preventive measures.

– 10% off any medicated foods
– 10% off clinic treats