“The vets and support staff at Summer Hills are all very kind and compassionate people. everyone was skilled and supportive of us and our cat. our vets presented numerous options for treatment and provided us ample information to make our decisions. I am very pleased with the care we receive and would definitely recommend them to people in the future.”
Ali Reed

“Great customer service! Very affordable office visit prices. The doctor and staff took very good care of my fur baby, very knowledgeable and thorough when explaining my options for treatments. I will continue to take both my babies to this vet!”
Ashlyn N. San Diego, CA

“Most knowledgable and talented vet I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Davis was recommended by a coworker and I am grateful he is in the area. Dr. Davis clearly answered all my questions and concerns and even identified some issues with my fur baby that my previous vet failed to notice. This doctor has a strong foundation of knowledge and DECADES of experience. Dr. Davis and his staff have a clear love for animals and provide excellent care. If you value your pet and want the best possible care, this is your place.”
Tom D. Concord, CA

“I am so happy to have found Summer Hills Vet Hospital. Dr. Davis is caring, compassionate and explains things so the lay person can understand and make informed decisions. The staff is very caring and friendly as well. Thank you Summer Hills for your excellent care!!”
Sydney W. Carmichael, CA

“Dr Davis is a animal lover …and is good with people also.”
Dave Ibo

“Here in Sacramento we are fortunate to have Dr Davis and his Staff caring for our pets. If you have ever enjoyed an experienced DVM caring for your animals then you know how difficult it is to find a good replacement. It is getting rare for a DVM to be able to do a physical exam, evaluating the animal and the symptoms they are presenting and have the Vet give a fairly solid route to take regarding treatment. Dr Davis gets a solid line on the patient health issue BEFORE suggesting a boatload of spendy diagnostics (that you may not even need).
Another thing we appreciate is that we have known Dr Davis to be conservative about suggesting treatments and there is no guilt if you cannot afford expensive procedure. Also, if his Office cannot do it, he tells you. We cannot say enough good stuff about this Office.”
Juliana Avon

“We adopted our Faye from Front Street and she has megaesophagus. Dr Davis taught me how to listen to her lungs & heart and emailed a colleague who specializes in GI stuff to help treat her. The office staff were all very nice and you can tell they enjoy working there. I’m thrilled to have found Dr Davis & the crew here. I’ll be bringing all my dogs here and you should too!!! Thank you Dr Davis & Summer Hills Vet!!!!”
Sara Tano

“First time here and we love it. Dr Davis gave us options that we could afford and all the staff is carrying and friendly! Our new Vet!”
Suzi Matthews

“Dr Davis is awesome!!! He is calm, knowledgeable and patient. His staff is awesome too!!! So happy they are here to care for my fur kids.”
Denise L.

“This vet is awesome and the staff is nice. The vet really took care of us . I swear after one visit our dog honey seemed to be getting better. After we had already took our dog to another vet and they wouldn’t even give our dog antibiotics. The price is really affordable .half the price of the other vet . We thank you so much for helping our honey”
Jennifer G. Sacramento, CA